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I am forever sitting down to practice and then getting interrupted...I love the Instrument Care Apparel instrument covers because I can quickly cover my instrument and not worry about dust, temperature, or even my dogs, affecting my instruments! Genius!
— Jessica Phillips, Principal Clarinet, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

I bought my iCA Classic Cover for my Bb Clarinet last April at the ACB Convention in San Ramon, California. At first I wasn’t sure what they were for but after talking to the representative I was quickly sold especially since it seemed like a great tool to help me practice more! And it has, I really like the fact that I can practice, swab out my clarinet and put it right back under the Classic Cover for protection and know that it is there ready for me to practice when I am ready once again. I would recommend an iCA Classic Cover for anyone who needs a little extra push in getting down to practicing! Thanks!
— Donna M. Meyers, San Leandro, CA

Have one in my office and one at home - love to be able to leave it protected from drafts and dust for short periods! Especially great in cold rehearsal rooms, draft filled orchestra pits, outdoor venues and protection from the feline folk :) Great product!
— Dr. Allison S., Woodwind Professor

I use my iCA cover between rehearsals when my instrument is resting on its stand in my studio and on stage where temperatures can vary greatly.
— Sue C., Private Instructor (Oboe)

I mostly use my iCA Classic Covers for protection while leaving my clarinets on their pegs in my office at home. I know the covers help keep dust out of the keys, and they also keep the instruments a bit warmer when I turn the heat down while I am away at work. I have also taken a Classic Cover to opera rehearsals and outdoor orchestra concerts when the air is cool and one of my clarinets will be sitting unused for an act or a piece or two during a concert. We recently played Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue outside for an early fall concert, and I only needed the A clarinet for that portion of one piece during the first half of the concert. My A clarinet was not nearly as cold coming out of the iCA Classic Cover as it would have been had it been exposed to the chilly open air. I really appreciate this product.
— Christine B., Clarinet Professor